Little round up for ya’ll today!

Mural Fest was fabulous! I had such a great time, what a wonderful community event! So good! I sure do love talking and performing and hosting and all the things I don’t really get to do right now….sigh

As far as I can tell no B.C. towns brunt down last night. So that’s good. Take a moment, if you will, to imagine that the new reality of climate refugees has only just begun, and B.C. already has thousands after a couple of months. The possibility of becoming a climate refugee creeps closer to home as more communities are under threat from fire does it not?

Remember when in the olden days if there was a fire threatening your town, the town would gather all its able bodied citizens to help fight it? Instead of bureaucracy saying no you are not allowed and you have to wait for us to do it except we are low on resources and ooopps didn’t make it in time, oh well, you can find a motel down the road, ooopps sorry that is filled with manic privy tourists who just HAVE to have their vacation come hell or fire, so off to somewhere for you good luck and thanks for playing.

O.K. so I actually I have a lot to say. Well, there is a lot going on.! Shake it out and here we go!

King trudy is a terrible fucker and he might be the worst ever and I can’t even stand his petulant little full of privilege shit face. I might hate him the most. He is a sick individual and should barley be allowed to lead his family let alone a country. FUCKER. Terrible, lying, sick depraved shitbag.

I want to take this moment to remind you that it was trudys father that federally took over the residential schools from the church when ole trudes the 1st had the opportunity to end them. I don’t feel this is mentioned enough and  it should be. It matters.

whew, had to get that out. Again this is why all of this schiesse needs a renaissance, and it’s not just me saying this, remember Beyonce said it too.

Um Afganistan. Oh Dear. Is there some way to evacuate all the women and children and anyone else who wants to leave?  Oh, yes, probably, but, except for racism and again bureaucracy being run by clerks who don’t want to loose their precious pay checks while people loose their lives. Let’s say the world had compassion and said Yes if you want to flee, flee and we will figure it out, after all the world is a big place. (Power of Positive Thinking!!? More on that later…) So then what if the ole Tali-b cult were left with no women and had no way to reproduce?  All those traumatized violent ignorant men could just live inside their little borders and circle jerk each other and think they are so great and have won and they can shoot each other and they can just stay in their country and play their little war game with themselves. Oh right, except China is into it so good luck with that world. We all know (or do we) who Canada also loves to get into bed with…China. (That last statement isn’t all conspiracy either. You can do research if you like, you can start with the fentanyl and housing crisis in Vancouver. Just a little wee example.) So that’s coo coo coo coo.

All those angry hateful traumatized men so delusional about reality… FUCKERS! FFS

That sentence basically describes most of the “world leaders”.

Neat -o.

But yes, let’s all just get back to our ever important ‘normal’ look at how much insta-g fun we’re having. Don’t want to get our privileged knickers in a knot about anything, wouldn’t want to “ruin MY day over it”.  Doesn’t affect me directly so what do I care? Fueled by the the ever manic “Everything’s Going SO Well..!!” that seems to be the overall reaction to all the things. Super productive coping mechanisms probably brought on by un-dealt with trauma and ignorance. Really inspires me to re-engage….NOT.

(Hopefully you said the NOT with some Wayne Campbell in it! There is still humour!)

I get it, I live by my own ‘Party Philosophy’ which I have developed and will speak more on tomorrow. So I understand just wanting to get with it so I can do what I want and have a good time.

I can be aware and informed and have feelings of blerg and empathy and rage and compassion and an understanding that there is a lot of terrible schiesse going on, as I sit in smoke, and feel passionately about the need for change and hate king trudy and put all these fuckers into my imaginary torture chamber and still go on about my day filled with gratitude and happiness for my own beautiful life. I am a paradox. I am capable of staying educated and current, hating all the schiesse and still having a nice day gardening in my back yard. Perhaps a good skill to master instead of unknowingly living in the Drumpf world of “The Power Of Positive Thinking” By Norman Vincent Peale which all the manic “Everything Is Going SO Well!” ignorance (or not) humans seem to be prescribing to0. The two don’t need to be exclusive and I certainly don’t want to live in the world of wishful thinking, which it seems to me that the big selfish population of especially Can-American boomers want to exist. I get it, they listened to the system and worked so hard so they could retire and live and now the world gives them this?! Well, I guess if you live with your head in the sand just trying to get yours it can be hard to see what is happening around you.

I am just going for it today! Feels good though, too vent on a space that is my space to do so.

So, we keep wondering where in the world would be a place to go, that isn’t full of mammon worshipping sadistic sickness?! Where is leading the world for compassion and foresight and care for people and the planet above profit and power? Seriously tho?! Is there anywhere? I really am curious because this Can-American experience I am finding more moronic and gross by the day.

“You gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight”  Danke Bruce, tis true.

Keep kicking. Keep kicking.

Danke for being here,


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