Soooooo, somehow or other (KSBI –  Kootenay Screen-Based Industry is actually how).

(Well also me husband happened to see the poster, is also how also).

Anyhoo, I had the enormous privilege of taking a directing class with the amazing Canadian/Maltese icon Valerie Buhagiar!! She is amazing! Her class was fantastic! OMJ!!! What just happened!!

I fan girled and was a sweating, blabbery pink ball of holy shit the whole time. I managed to keep it enough together to take pages of notes and fill my brain with the most delicious learning. Feeling very full. I may have even over eaten a little bit. I tend to do that when excited.

Doing scary inspiring things is scary and also inspiring. I recommend it.

If you haven’t watched Bruce McDonalds Highway 61…’s a taste.

Ahhhhh, takes me back to my youth.