Why Are So Many Locals Not Wearing Masks Inside Publicly During an Ongoing Global Pandemic in the Summer of 2022?

Yes, we all know that Dr. Bonnie Henry has made mask-wearing not mandatory inside public spaces as of July of this year. Nevertheless, she also highly recommends that able people still wear masks inside publicly, so this means that anyone now using the good doctorʼs words to not wear a mask inside while in public is directly violating the common-sense health advice on a life-and-death matter from the same person whom theyʼve empowered enough to allow themselves to go mask-free in the first place.

For instance, multiple middle-aged men walked into a community vaccine clinic yesterday and seemed to feign disbelief when they had to put their masks on for their shots along with everyone else there, even though said Doctor especially urges those who are not yet fully immunized to wear a mask inside. These smugly over-the-hill dudes who appeared to be overwhelmed by life in general had ignored every single piece of information given to them online, in their texts & emails, plus the signs on the front door and in the lobby telling everyone to wear a mask when they enter to get a shot at our community clinic. Whatʼs even more egregious is how the clueless fools seemed to believe that they could talk the amused security guard into making an exception for them due to their exceptional privilege which they had granted to themselves and their family alone.

Which one is it going to be, old-boys? Are you gonna respect our top health officialʼs fairly decent track-record with this tragic ordeal relative to other peer nations by following her simple guidance to wear a mask inside publicly, for the love of humanity; or, are you going to pretend that youʼre still living in the prehistoric past when dithering patriarchs could assert their authority over anyone due to their elitist status and twist a high-level physicianʼs words to serve their own dumb self-serving game at all costs, amen?

Did you really think theyʼd let you skip the mask if you poorly acted out how dumbfounded you were about our provinceʼs specific vaccine clinic orders when theyʼve also given you the permission to go against their more lenient public directives, just because you donʼt want to wear a mask inside for less than a half-hour while everyone else there working hard in the heat for you to get your desired shot has to wear theirs all week?

You dinosaurs have proven that you can wear a flimsy piece of fabric for ten minutes over your precious faces while grocery shopping (and bickering!) with your wife for the whole first half of this year, so all of the sudden itʼs so hard to wear one now that youʼve been given yet another sliver of room to bend the rules however you like? Has it occurred to any of you clods that you might be forced to wear your mask inside again this fall when the Delta-variant kaiju comes stomping into this neck of the woods beset by wildfire smoke, heat-waves, poverty & opiod epidemics, etc? And guess whoʼll be making you cover your precious gob when the time almost inevitably comes around again. Thatʼs right, bigwig, your supposed get-out-of-a-mask card herself, Dr. Bonnie Henry!