Did you hear about Nelsons police department getting busted for racism?!

The story can be hard to find as our one online paper that is owned and run by the city (basically) of course said nothing about it. And the other paper seems like they felt forced to report it, as larger media was commenting and reporting on it. There is still a little headline there but good luck finding it as obviously Nelson is going to sweep this under the rug as fast as it can. As they have done many, many times about the same issue in the past.

I am excited to see what the Golden Heron will have to say about it on Monday!

I have literally been talking, yes even on line, for years about the systemic racism in this town. Remember my CP incidents and rantings?! There are news articles from years ago about the racist police in this town. As far as I can tell, nothing is done about it. Sure there are some people virtue signalling about and waving their arms like they are making a difference, but these same people don’t want to give up their colonial white positions of power either.

Just feels kinda validating to me, which is too bad, but I feel like I and others ( especially The Golden Heron) have been speaking to this for a long, long time in this community. I guess being a “polarizing ” artist seems to mean my opinions aren’t valid or perhaps “too extreme.” Well here is an example where I have been right, and it is now proven. So Bam. Not too extreme, how’s about right on.

Do I think Nelson will change? Heck no! I think in general this town is so ignorant to it all and also so into themselves and their white power privilege, I suspect denial and justification spells will be what the majority here goes for. Not self reflection and growth. Sigh. The community never has before and as I have said this is not some new problem just now being reported. It has been like this for years. Years.

Big part of why I don’t want to be here full time anymore. The community is not the one I moved too. I had hoped it would become less ignorant as the internet and more media came here. (When we moved here there was no internet and in the winter if the bus didn’t make it, there were no papers or outside media either.) Sorry Nelson, you have not.

What was once arts and cannabis is now tech and booze. Not the same vibe at all….

Anyhooo, on that note, was nicely woken up to power tools again today. Ahhh the joy of noise pollution. I do wonder what would happen if I created my own noise pollution, with a bull horn let’s say? Do I get arrested for disturbing the peace but the saw doesn’t?! Why does the saw have more rights than me? Because it is ultimately contributing to mamoron with its noise?

New vlog today as well! It is a rollercoaster this one! I have a walking wisdom rant bout noise pollution (but of course)!

One more walking video left to edit and then onto more bigger better content! I have learned so much about editing doing these walking videos tho!

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