Do Those Who Attend Smellisonʼs ProtestFest Even Care About Our Indigenous? 

There was way less attendance at the latest Kooky Freedom Convoy and its after-party in the Smellisonʼs parking lot on Family Day in the wake of King Turdy the Secondʼs shadowy non-Emergency Act, but itʼs still infuriating how many local dupes are willing to sign onto a snaky movement with a rotten head made of self-confessed bigots, anti-semites & white apologists, etc., whoʼre now idling in neutral in jail for their bad actions. 

When the authorized spokesperson for our resident Indigenous peoples (still declared extinct by the colonialist authorities) gave her blessing for a reasonable letter addressed to those oblivious regional businesses who visibly supported the frucker convoy, as is typical in this settler bastion of establishment whiteness, she was savagely attacked by patriarchal jackboots that think they get to publicly denigrate and threaten the direct descendent of timeless ancestors from these sacred unceded lands who outlasted European invasion and drought by following the wisdom of their frogs on how to survive. 

How can non-Indigenous citizens give themselves permission to talk smack about Marilyn James and the Autonomous Sinixt as many of the supposed goodly citizens of Nelsonia do? Pretty well everyone we know with the odd glorious exception has said something to our faces about how Marilyn doesnʼt behave exactly how they think she should in their WASPy privileged entitlement cliques. Weʼve had to say to far too many ʻacceptableʼ townies who claim to be salt-of-the-earth types that weʼre on Marilyn and the Sinixtʼs side ever since arriving here last century — which weʼre all now reliving! 

Fortunately, unlike the dastardly CoN with its ghoulishly out-of-touch museum, the Land Of Ross has the intelligence to properly recognize the value of Marilynʼs position and status instead of alienating and persecuting her invaluable contributions to our mostly ungrateful community of deluded techno-rationalists hellbent on white supremacy whether they know it or not. The online community outside of this haven for pioneer elitism is catching on to the overt Christo-fascist nature of the sadistic commentary from the psyCoNʼs insular booze bubble where most everyone only cares about current events when they dare to tread on their venomous rattlesnake of gentrified perversion. Whatʼs up with all the white privilege in Nelsonia(?), is a common refrain on digital echo chambers wherein our mainstream literati are baffled by how dense and self-congratulatory the spoiled voters of the deceptiCoN are — and continue to be, when we now know better to do better. The resilient Autonomous Sinixt have released a certified Memorandum of Understanding with the responsible museum in the elevated Land of Ross to support their declaration as an existent Band with its own land-based, cultural & sociopolitical rights thatʼs always been here for all intents and purposes beyond time. 

In the rightful spirit of keeping up with these glacially evolving times, two ancient Sinixt baskets that its ancestral owners understandably removed from the highly insensitive minstrel-show at Ghoulieʼs tomblike museum (due to its fragile clerksʼ ongoing disrespect) became the key items of this enlightened signing ceremony that was praised by Marilynʼs daughter Taress Alexis for embodying a welcome respectful relationship; in stark contrast to the disadvantaged disgracefulness they were subjected to by Touch-stoned and the Capitalist Theatre, which reek of the Ghoulie Gangʼs deadly toxic fumes. 

These two educative First Nations women are the same exemplars of compassionate community caring who are consistently and systemically scorned, disparaged & condescended to by the sycophantic denizens of Nelsoniaʼs Police State that pretend to be progressive allies when theyʼre actually predatory werewolves in sheepleʼs clothing out for the blood of the innocents, just like their slave-owning forefathers that all of our invasive streets, buildings & desecrated landmarks are unconscionably named after. 

Scenic and symbolic Frog Mountain looms over corrupt Ghoulieville as a beatific reminder that Sinixt culture will survive. The totemic legendary frog who told Marilyn and Taressʼ ancestors it was time to come out of their riverbank caves and return to the bounty of the restored landscape grew up to become a sentinel on the peak which can hear and see the abuse and disdain heaped on its familial relations by the ignorant con-artists who occupy this marooned navy vessel of illegitimate Brit-tyrannical devilry with its rudely offensive arrogance, foolishness & paternalism. Not only should we not be insulting the frogʼs humane descendants, we should be honouring the principles of the Matriarch-approved words and actions exhibited by the reconciliatory Museum of Ross in support of our original peoples who have a right to be here above all else. No longer should ʻreligious freedomʼ and ʻindividual rightsʼ be used as a wedge between the lawful acceptance of the Autonomous Sinixtʼs legal autonomy here and the awful willfulness of our nationalistic neighbours to place their selfish wants and desires above those who grew from this pure earth in the vein of the mountainous frog. If you speak the mother tongue of a natural place which birthed the language itself out of its own organic flesh, you do get a special place at the negotiating table above the boardroom bigwigs in the old boyʼs klan. Thatʼs just the way international law goes these days, as well it should. 

Only now, in the gathering gloom of yet another Eurasian war which our Crazy Captain Canuck will run headlong into by squandering seventy-five million unjust greenbacks for three hours worth of lethal ammunition in the first blasted day to kill a horde of red-eyed Russkies under Poo-Pooʼs Rasputin-like spell, are the dimwitted Unfreedom Convoy supporters belatedly realizing that ʻnobody caresʼ if theyʼve had it just as hard as the unprivileged rest of us; especially the humanists amid this poor lot who recognize that our Indigenous relations have had it way harder than anyone else hereabouts for far too long, and that itʼs high time for us to move away from badly acting like Count Ghoulieʼs mausoleum crypt and focus more on emulating the Land of Rossʼ inspired approach to making your First Nationsʼ representatives happy rather than royally pissing them off. 

Speaking of piss, the Pee King is still in jail as this is being composed, and how can anybody anywhere support this Orc excuse for a supreme leader if they watched even one of his bizarrely historical videos while leading the blockade of Parliament Dung-Hill? Sure, Valley Girls can protest that they donʼt care enough to know who leads their admittedly undemocratic bowel-movement when its ranks are comprised of morally compromised Greater Albertans and sordid Drumpf ’24 zealots, but would any of these societally cherished white women ever submit to them and their precious Euro-lineages being declared extinct and exiled from their homelands with the complicit cooperation of traitorous outsiders who insist they have every right to buy and sell your inheritances in your enforced absence while only they profit and you suffer generations of traumatic industrialized abuse? One would think not, so itʼs amazing what kinds of double-standards average volk will contort themselves into when white power is on the line. 

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