It’s December!! Wowza! Last year I was so on it. I already had handmade cards ready, and macrame being made, this year not so much. Not sure why….just somehow not as interested…?!

Anyhooo a couple things on me brain today are:

Omicron sounds like your German Omi smoked to much Chron. Or perhaps she grows and it’s her own strain she developed. For example “I am so excited to smoke Omi’s sweet Omicron at Christmas this year!”

Also it can be anagrammed to moronic….so that is really great stuff for conspiracy peeps or anti-vaxxers.

And also all the reactions and all the responses don’t seem rational because the govt’s are all about the economy as opposed to humanity. We can all tell they have moneys best interest over our own and so it creates distrust as it should because their motives are not cool or actually helpful or proactive in my opinion. Politicians have always spouted B.S. but that scheisse is just getting worse all the time.

Currently not raining but real darn warm for Dec 1st.

Also and I know all my morals and values and what not but sometimes one just feels the need to watch Selling Sunset. As hfaluiebhdbvhla as it is.

Here’s mainly what I’m tripping on….. the girls faces! (Yes except Davina and Maya, they look pretty similar.) So I went back and watched an episode from season one, and while the face transformations have been slow, when you go back it’s like woah! Then when I did some searching about who the cast was before the show, the faces, look super woah! It’s so weird because it’s hard to see what it is exactly they have had done, which of course shows they are paying good money for good work, but they look so different from what they did. It’s not just age and it is beyond the obvious lip filler, thicker eyebrows and better makeup, they just don’t look like they used to, but to say exactly what they would have done to do that, well I don’t have enough filler knowledge, I just know it’s trippy. I actually think the only reason I really wanted to be all Hollywood was to have access to the things that really make you look like your best self. Like from a very vain place.

While we are on the subject of filling faces, I would like to mention Madonna. Talk about fillers! Here’s my jam on it. I have no problem with her sexual shoot she just did, I would expect that and I love that she is still expressing herself and her sexuality as a woman in her 60’s. I just wish she looked like Madonna. It’s like everyone is going for the Khloe K. these days and she is no exception. Also her butt implants are a lot. I would rather see her actually ass if she is going to show it, but those butt implant are just, they are a lot. It is disappointing that she doesn’t even look like herself anymore because she was so beautiful and original. Oh Madonna, oh dear.

Thankfully now I am just a big no thank you on the whole scene of the Hollywoods and the land of fillers. However there are a few little things I have been doing to try not to age it up so fast. Quite enjoying them actually. Curious?! Whelp I’m going to cliffhanger that for tomorrow!

See ya then!

Danke for being here,

(Try not to get too high on that Omicron!!)


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