I’m coming in partway through a thought!

It’s like there are a few different camps. There is the don’t want to know about it camp. They are the ones that would rather not know. Don’t pay attention to the news or media, or who’s trending or any of the things, even war things. They probably choose a small and selective amount of media to inform them. Not even on the fbox. Then there is the group, who I kinda forget about, the ones who are right into it. I guess it is because they are a younger than me group and being out here in back woods Canada I don’t see or interact with them, really. They are the group who is just eating it all. Buying it all, using it all, wanting all the new tech, all the influencers, all the newer all the all the…

I am in the I like to know group. I’m not lapping it all up, but I like to have somewhat of an awareness of the happenings of the world. And not just on a political, or what is the day we are celebrating on insta kinda way. Broader then that and aware of the biases of the sources I am choosing to look at. Choosing to give my clicking support too.

Insta used to feel like everyday was a cause that one needed to broadcast ones opinion about. Happy mothers day, happy book day, happy be a person day, let’s celebrate this and that day and is part of the rollercoaster of, are you up on what day it is and have you broadcasted it to show your intelligence and coolness and participation?! Whew it was a lot! I am glad to be off that coaster.

There are more groups than that I’m sure but it’s not the total point and I’m moving on!

Anyway this whole thing is just a rant realization situation justification because I watched Kylie J’s mothers day video on the y-tube and so while I am so the person not to watch it all and give it my clicks and time, there is also a curious part that wonders what the group that wants to eat it all up is getting fed. So I clicked.

My gosh that family creates a lot of garbage. Also who is eating those huge spreads of food they have laid out?! Also, they are single handedly keeping the flower industry in business. Also what did the hungry take away from that? other than, damn that food spread looked good….

Ahhh me brain musings shared on the internet.

Speaking of pop culture, entertainment and musings, is anybody watching anything good these days?!

-Yes to the third season of Ghosts on CBC Gem, I will rewatch, I love that show.

-Yes to What We Do in the Shadows on the D+. That movie gives me joy. The show I was sceptical, but also gives me joy.

Moonknight is a maybe. Kinda odd, but Oscar is good and also I like Egypt stuff. If there were more I would watch them.

-Started Welcome to Eden, on the flix, partially to practice my Spanish, um but well, not into the senseless killing of young people at this time.

-The bullying on Selling Sunset is so disturbing, also disturbing is how no one is calling it out and everyone is treating the bullies like they were the victims!!?  could do a whole to do about that one….did I start something there?!

Russian Doll, I am slowly working on, the first season felt more compelling.

Perhaps that seems like a lot to some of you, but also I am on the hunt for something new and good?! Suggestions?

Danke for being here,


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