Spring has sprung and it feels like it is all happening!

I’ve got a big Friday roundup for you today!! Whew, ready?!!

First of all I want to thank you all so much, so, so mucho for continuing to visit my website. To take time out of your time, to click on something that is not social media, to support me as an artist by clicking on my site, I am so grateful and it means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I had a meeting with my wonderful friend and web designer   https://trailblazerwebsites.ca  (last night and even though I didn’t want to know she told me some of the site analytics, and I was blown away! So Darn excited and inspired! Jahoooooo! I know it takes a lot to comment, I rarely do either, and because I am in it to be in it and I don’t check the numbers, sometimes I feel like I am talking to a void. However, now knowing what I do I am so grateful and beyond inspired and thank you all so mucho!

Soooo for all ya’ll that have been here and keep coming back, you know I have been teasing all sorts of things that I am up to. While my most favourite is still on a delay pause. My other venture is ready for ears and eyes!!

This is a big moment for me…..

I would like to introduce you to ….. Storytime with Lady Beastie !!

I am beastie and she is me, sometimes too I’m a lady! 

Storytime has two parts to it. One is a web show (very simple first episode out this weekend!! I will post and link!) (Not perfection and just learning, but in the past I would have waited for betterness and now I am doing. Trying is doing and I am trying and doing!!)

The second component is a live troubadour storytelling show. (Since apparently actors are now constantly apparently everywhere and doing all sorts of things and according to the media “bad”, and I never did see any postings or auditions for those Auntie Fa jobs….?! So I am calling myself a troubadour. Newtro, new retro. Dig it!) I have a menu of stories, some sweet, some spicy, that I share along with songs and ukulele! The stories are true tales of my life and I hope you sing along to the songs!! I am working on an events page with more details!

Thank you to Jessilyn Leckie for my amazing logo! Stickers and t-shirts coming soon!

I am very happy and excited to announce my first show! This April 30th at The For-rest Retreat in Salmo! I have designed the show to be performed anywhere and hopefully if the weather is good we will be around a campfire! Check back soon on that events page I am working on for all the details!

Haven’t performed live in so long…. The first show back will be an all ages afternoon matinee! So darn fun!

Feels good to get all that out in the open!

As I said there will be more info on the events page and soon Lady Beastie will have her own page too, with all the info.

Didn’t quite get the new vlog out for today, hopefully before Monday! If you haven’t seen the other ridiculous ones, I hope you get a chance to check them out on my vlogging Y-tube channel, forstmedia. Lady Beastie has her own, very beginning (only 4 subscribers so far as there is no content yet!!) channel!

Whew as I said spring has sprung!

The award winning short I helped produce and co-direct is also going to be released to the world in the next couple of weeks and I am looking forward to finally getting to share that with all of you as well!

Thank you again so very much for spending some of your time with me. Really and truly I so appreciate it!

I’ve got a whole entertainment roundup lurking for this Monday too, as there has been a major development to my situation…stay tuned for that excitement!!

Danke for being here, (here on my site, but also here on this planet)


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