As the poisonous gases and toxic smoke invade our lungs and the official threat of wildfire evacuations hangs over our heads like dry lightning fuelled by heavy winds and drought-ridden stolen land yet again for who knows how long, and the navy-boat occupying army enforcers lauded by the Dark Star protect us from who knows what up and down the peaceful lake, the wannabe boomers and Mayor Boomer-Queen on Shitty Council are obsessed out of the blue about drug encounters on playgrounds by vulnerably unhoused people who’d rather do their drugs at home if they could afford one. So by banishing decriminalized drug-users from public view in order to not scare their yuppie hippiecrite sheeple who are part of the oligarch-worshipping problem, the fake progressive leftists at the wheel of the White Male Heritage City are sentencing more victims to death, at a time when First Nations’ communities all over northern Canamerica are being forced to flee their homes by the evil elemental forces unleashed by the plutocratic overlords who make the bad decisions which everyone else must face the consequences of.

According to an article about the Ktunaxa community declaring a state of emergency due to the ravages of gang crime and drug poisonings among their people in the anti-Indigenous Dark Star that heralded the corporate-sucking downfall of the Queen Consort City, “Indigenous people are disproportionately affected by the drug poisoning crisis in the province, according to the First Nation’s Health Authority. In 2022, Indigenous people represented 16.4 per cent of toxic drug poisoning deaths in B.C.” When Councillor Woody and Log-Bump get their knickers in a knot over a supposed bump in playground conflicts over what’s really just a housing rental shortfall caused by the land-holding real-estate profiteers’ greedy desire to hoover money out of their oppressed tenants at all costs, they are revealing their own christo-fascist biases over protecting “us” versus “them”, as if they themselves as closeted autocrats aren’t one collision or mishap themselves away from succumbing to drug addiction on account of the unaccountable pharmaceutical cartels’ engorged profit margins and ending up without an affordable house to do their drugs in.

So when we’re talking about safety, and the Republicanazi sympathizers in colonial charge of the Valley of Lost Souls are fixating on public spaces and futilely trying to make sure that their precious white women aren’t being exposed to any drug-using harm, the Dads of Daughters who can’t even keep their own kid from falling off a garage roof without outside assistance seem tragically laughable in the brooding face of apocalyptic skies, wildfire atrocities and mass evacuations of climate extremism refugees. Taxpayers of sadistic Nelsonia are funding neocon councillors and their hostile manservants to persecute and harass our poor disenfranchised neighbours at the end of their rope, while the Nihilist Down-Players led by Heat-Dome Horgsy’s protege Dweeby back the paramilitary country-club Mounties’ sadistic arrests of Indigenous folks on their homeland territories, at a dire time when their relations are being dispossessed of their homes by the gluttonous hoarding of the billionaire man-children prostrate before the smoking hideous corpse of Manmoron.