Sometimes I just get all worked up and political, and I’m o.k. with that. Now is one of those times.

Sometimes things make me really mad. Like remember when I briefly discussed my imaginary torture chamber?! Which has expanded by the way. What started with me and an imaginary cold stone room with a host of torture stuff has now blossomed into a whole imaginary empire. I have staff who do much of my torture bidding and many different rooms. Let’s call it imaginary torture therapy, which may seem odd but some people consider to be quite healthy actually, thank you!

Anyhooooo, I had a moment of irate, steam coming out of my ears, irate kinda moment. 

What about you ask?! 

Government. Of fucking course. Fucking government.

Kk sew, did any of you happen to see any of the footage of the swearing in of the new liberal cabinet?!

What’s the big deal about that right?!

Well, did you take notice of what was chosen to do instead of a typical handshake?!

Or even the new stupid elbow bump. (Groan.)

Let me fill you in if you have not seen. So, you know how the whole elbow bump (so ridiculous, like just the stupidest, well almost, hold for that…) became a thing instead of handshaking?! When really just shake some hands then sanitize before you decide to pick your nose FFS, seriously. It’s not rocket science. So instead of a handshake, which really provides the most social distancing (that’s a thing still right?!) (also why is there such a strong need to make some sort of contact)(also I get that a lot of people hate shaking hands, the whole power, dominance thing, so let’s renaissance it then, but to make the new thing an elbow pump, I mean c’mon, it does not give me much confidence or faith….more on that in a moment…!) ole Trudes there decides to do this whole cross body arm bonk with hands on shoulders and basically almost necking he was getting so close in there with his peeps. Yes masked, but my gawd. 

Now you may be thinking, Lisel, why so irate about that?! Perhaps even use a lot of people’s flavour favourite of ‘what’s the big deal?’ (oooh I love that one….!)

Here’s the big deal of irateness. It was literally one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. I can not express how absolutely dumb the whole cross body, elbow, hug thing was. So if that whole team of liberals were willing to engage with that utter nonsense and insanity well, have mercy on our country. Are these the smart minds that are supposed to ’lead’ us?! 

I don’t think I am the only one wondering if ole Trudes actually has some serious mental health issues. Can someone really be that apparently dumb, ignorant and unaware? Seeing that weird idea play out as opposed to a socially distant handshake with some sanitizer, just, confounds me.  

And these are the people in charge????!!!! Supposed to be leading us?!!! Seriously???!! Really?!!

Unreal!! Am I the only person who noticed this?!!!!!

Good thing you’re here to get the hot takes that don’t seem to be anywhere else eh?!

Are you curious now?! Are you going to watch the awkwardness and stupidity?

I wonder if you do, if now that I have told you my take, if you will see it that way too?

Or perhaps you are like “what’s the big deal”? !!!)

Either way, do you have imaginary torture times and or places?! I understand if you don’t want to admit it on the internet!!! and also….

Danke for being here.


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