Oh Hiola,

My pics on me phone really wanted to remind me of this show that happened a few years ago. It was a simpler time then. The world was a simpler place. Was it really though…..

Anyhoooo here are some Steel Magnolia pics for your theatre remembrances.

It at least is starting to feel hopeful live performance will actually return, but still not personally feasible for the time being.

Mainly Mucho Danke for making a leap from the socials to checking out a website! I can’t see who is visiting the site but according to the data chart thing, you all are! I can’t see who signs up for emails but ya’ll are! I am so so so so appreciative of your support on this little zeitgeist experiment! One that will remain even after I get to perform in person once more!!

Are you excited/interested in going to live events again?!

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